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Apple to increase iPhone production by 50% in India by 2027

According to a recent report, India would likely provide 45–50% of Apple’s iPhones by 2027, placing it on par with China, which made 80–85 percent of iPhones in 2022.

The South China Morning Post reported that when the smartphone industry expands its supply chain out of China, India and Vietnam would benefit the most.

India currently produces fewer than 5% of all iPhones, but by 2027 that proportion might reach 50%. This is consistent with the substantial rise in India’s market share for iPhones, the survey adds. India saw a 100% increase in iPhone sales from April 2022 to December 2022. According to rumours, Apple will start mass producing the iPhone 15 series simultaneously in China and India.

Due to China’s zero-tolerance policy for the Covid-virus, manufacturing of Apple products, particularly the iPhone, was hampered when Foxconn’s main assembly factory in Zhengzhou was shut down last November due to a Covid-19 outbreak. As a result, just before the holiday season, Apple published an unusual shipment delay warning.

Due to these difficulties, supply chains are growing more diverse and lay more importance on Vietnam and India than on China.

Apple has reportedly accelerated plans to shift some production out of China, which had previously been the country responsible for the majority of the product’s manufacturing. Apple has been working to lessen its dependence on China as a manufacturing base.

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