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Apple Inc releases minor update to macOS Monterey operating system

Apple Inc has released a minor update macOS 12.3.1 to macOS Monterey operating system that launched in October.

The macOS 12.3.1 incorporates fixes for USB-C or Thunderbolt displays not turning on when connected with a 2018 Mac mini as a second display, reports Apple Insider.

Apple likewise fixed an issue where Bluetooth gadgets like joysticks would disconnect from a Mac when Beats earphones were connected.

The macOS Monterey 12.3.1 update can be downloaded to viable Macs by means of the Software Update part of System Preferences.

One can update a Mac by going to the Software Update menu in the System Preferences application.

As of late, numerous reports across the Apple Developer Forums, and furthermore Reddit, with clients relating contrasting levels of issues.

macOS 12.3 is creating issues with external displays. Certain individuals are getting No Signal alerts on their screens while attempting to connect them to their Macs through USB-C.

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