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Apple CEO , Tim Cook wants to buy Manchester United for $6.9 billion

According to a story from the UK media, Apple CEO Tim Cook wants to purchase Manchester United of England. This potential acquisition is related to the Glazer family’s plan to sell the club, which is its current owners. Cook is willing to buy something for less than the Glazers’ initial asking price.

The Glazers were asking for $9.9 billion for ManU when the information became public. But eventually, the club’s owners made the decision to put the club up for auction. Those with knowledge of the situation claim that Apple’s bid, which is far less than the initial asking price, is $6.9 billion.

Both Apple and the Manchester United leadership have remained silent on this matter. However, if this acquisition is a success, it will enable Apple to increase its presence in more regions and in more sectors. Apple has only ever offered its football streaming services for the US Major Soccer League, for whatever reason. If the deal goes through, Apple TV streaming services could be expanded to include the Premier League. However, Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, is not the only one considering purchasing Manchester United. There are several purchasers on this deal, and if any of them are able to match Apple’s price, Tim Cook can bid Manchester United farewell.

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