“Blended Stories”, is a place where all common minds meet and share their thoughts together. We believe in bringing the best of creative writing and thoughtful coming of age storytelling. Our array of exclusive blended content will help you explore and get rewarded. 

​Apart from being an open storytelling platform dedicated purely to thoughtful millennial, Blended Stories creates a space for anyone to come and share their story-line. Our main objective is to create content with free-flowing thoughts and ideas, that can help bring the story of masses to the audience. And these stories will somehow inspire, motivate or to an extent relate to our daily life as we go deeper into the lifestyle and existence of such brilliant minds. ​

We plan to cover stories across domain and businesses and help the super talented and gifted individuals find the best route through our website and collaboration. Today we are collaborated with multiple NGOs and VCs in helping drive our mission of better tomorrow by empowering the best of talent in achieving their ultimate goals and objectives. It is all our passion and love for work that brings us so near to our mission and vision to have one collaborated approach for storytelling i.e., Blended Stories.

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