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400 workers in Washington state to be laid off due to Amazon Care shutdown

Nearly 400 workers situated in Washington state will be laid off because of the organization’s choice to close down its Amazon Care essential medical services administrations.

Email alerts from the state’s Employment Security Department uncovered that 159 workers will be laid off from Amazon Care. Another 236 individuals will be cut from Care Medical, an independent organization that gave medical services to Amazon Care members. The layoffs will officially start on Dec. 1.

Amazon went with an astounding choice last month to quit offering Amazon Care, which launched in 2019 and offered a hybrid of virtual, in-home primary care, and urgent care services.

Amazon Care was initially launched as an experimental run program for workers in the Seattle region, where Amazon is settled. Last year the assistance stretched out virtual consideration to non-Amazon workers all over the country and this February Amazon said it was extending face to face care from eight to 28 urban areas.

Amazon said organization pioneers verified that the Amazon Care plan of action wasn’t working preceding, and free from, its agreement to acquire primary care organization One Medical for $3.9 billion, which was declared July 21. That acquisition is as yet expected to push forward, pending regulatory approval. “This decision wasn’t made lightly and only became clear after many months of careful consideration,” said Neil Lindsay, Amazon Health Services senior vice president, in an email to Amazon Health Services employees last month. “Although our enrolled members have loved many aspects of Amazon Care, it is not a complete enough offering for the large enterprise customers we have been targeting, and wasn’t going to work long-term.”

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