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21K School becomes World’s First Web 3.0 School

21K School, India’s first internet-based just school, has sent off its own special NFT Marketplace, as well as, presented Metaverse and Web 3.0 for their K12 understudies all over the planet. Changing internet tutoring from Web 2.0 to the world’s first Web 3.0., the visionary 21K School originators have taken their strong fascination with innovation and are embracing it for the school of things to come, where understudies will be urged to utilize innovation to enhance their learning ventures.

21K School understudies can before long make and sell their Artwork, Books, podcasts, Music, Videos on 21K School’s NFT Marketplace. They can acquire reward focuses as coins for movements of every sort, opportune accommodation of tasks, appraisals, and imprints scored in assessments, which can be recovered for grants, and so on This ‘Figure out how to Earn’ model is one of its sort on the planet! Understudies can likewise welcome their companions to be essential for a gamified learning excursion and assemble the environment. The Web 3.0 school is likewise sending off a blockchain-based answer for recognizing mark sheets, profiles of understudies, and instructors with their achievements. Santosh Kumar, Co-Founder & CEO, 21K School, said, “We are the world’s first school to transition into Web 3.0. At 21K School, we are immensely proud to reimagine education with emerging technologies like Blockchain, Metaverse, NFTs, and more to instil learning, thinking, and creativity in the DNA of our students. We are the world’s first Web 3.0 school to be implementing an NFT Marketplace, so children can have the opportunity to understand how cutting-edge technology can help them turn their creativity into financial empowerment. The NFT revolution is sure to impact countless industries unprecedentedly, and we are bringing it straight into our classrooms! We are thrilled to usher in a new era of learners who would be well poised to drive technology-led entrepreneurship in times to come.”

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